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4 Mary Sophia Abigail (Nanny) Porter

Mary Sophia Abigail (Nanny) Porter was born November 01, 1904, near Orlando, Oklahoma Territory, daughter of John Frank Porter and Lillie Mae Clark.  She was the eighth of 12 children.

Mary was given the nickname “Nanny” by her first grandchild, Gloria Kutz Roberts.  She was called nothing else but Nanny by all her grandchildren and great-grandchildren.  Her many nieces and nephews called her “Aunt Mary”, and others simply called her Mary.

Mary Sophia Porter married three times.  Her first husband was Clarence Adelbert Weeks, married on September 10, 1922 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  He was the son of James Weeks and Amelia Woods.  He was born September 14, 1902 in Hogshooter Creek, Indian Territory (though later Mary said he was born in Coffeeville, Kansas), and died January 02, 1984 in Oroville, Butte, California.

The children of Mary Sophia Abigail Porter and Clarence A. Weeks are:

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Mary Sophia Porter’s second husband was Joe Little, married about 1946.

Mary Sophia Porter’s third husband was George Crews, married June 30, 1951.

Mary Sophia Abigail Porter died August 05, 1991, in Norman, Oklahoma.

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Left to right:

Minnie Faye Porter (born December 10, 1899)
(Nanny) Mary Sophia Porter
Otis Clark Porter (born January 02, 1902
circa 1905

Porter Family Portrait—March 1918

1. Charlie        2. Minnie         3. Lillie Mae

4. Mary            5. Grace           6. Franklin

7. Pauline        8. Lucille          9. Clark

10. John Frank           11. Roy

Grace, Anna Maude, Nanny, Lillie Mae, Lucille, George Grinter, John F. Porter


Ray Thedford (shown left).  1920’s


The Thedfords were neighbors of the Porters on the farm in Clear Creek Township by Stillwater in 1906.  Ray was one of the children who was about the same age as Mary and Lucille.  Another of the children was “Rollie” Thedford, who was an Oklahoma City attorney for several years and also served as a Federal bankruptcy judge in Wichita.

Marriage License

Clarence Weeks, Mary Sophia Porter

September 10, 1922

Following image is from April 5, 1930 Census in Ponca City, Kay County, Oklahoma.

Clarence, 28 years old, is a truck driver in the laundry industry.  Mary, 25, is a sales lady in a dry goods store.  Lodger Frank Jamison, was the half-brother of Clarence Weeks Sr.’s mother, Armilda Mae Wood Flores (Grandma Mae lived in Ponca City), and was therefore Clarence Weeks Sr.’s uncle.  Frank was an apprentice in a shoe shop.

Following image is from January 14, 1920 Census in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

The April 19, 1910 Census in Clear Creek Township, Payne County, Oklahoma records the following:


Frank Porter, 39, born Illinois, father and mother from Ohio, occupation: farmer.

Lillie M. Porter, 35, born Iowa, father and mother from Iowa

Leroy Porter, 17, son, born Kansas, father from Illinois, mother from Iowa

Grace Porter, 16, daughter, born Kansas, father from Illinois, mother from Iowa

Charles Porter, 11, son, born Oklahoma, father from Illinois, mother from Iowa

Minnie Porter, 9, daughter, born Oklahoma, father from Illinois, mother from Iowa

Clark Porter, 8, born Oklahoma, father from Illinois, mother from Iowa

Mary Porter, 5, born Oklahoma, father from Illinois, mother from Iowa

Lucille Porter, 3, born Oklahoma, father from Illinois, mother from Iowa

Pauline Porter, 2 months, born Oklahoma, father from Illinois, mother from Iowa


Next door:

Henry Robertson, 24, born Illinois, father from Kentucky, mother from Ohio

Minnie Robertson, wife, 27, born Nebraska, father and mother from Iowa.

Hi Ron,     I'll be happy to answer any questions you may have concerning the Porter family.       I have never been to Henry Porter's homestead nor Rhoda's. I had not known where they were until recently.       My grandfather (Charles) was born about 2 miles north of Covington in a sod house according to Veryl. I suspect Susanna, Minnie & possibly Clark were born there  as well. In my notes I have them moving to the Orlando area in about 1903, then to the Clear Creek farm about 1906. If this is correct then Lucille, Pauline & Franklin would have been born there. Frank & family moved to Yale in 1918 & I think Anna Maude was born there. After Frank moved to Yale, Charley & Kate, who had wed in May of that year moved onto the farm & Meryl (Tag) & Veryl were born there in 1919. Charley then moved to an oil field near Covington where Thelma was born in March, 1920. Charley later moved back to the Clear Creek farm in the late 20's or early 30's, living there until moving to the Glencoe area. I have visited the Clear Creek farm, there is nothing there but a hole where the cellar once was.    I am having trouble attaching files to my e-mails for some reason. Will sent photos when I can.............. Later, Jim (Jim Porter, December 28, 2005)






Leora Mae Weeks


Ponca City, OK



Clarence Adelbert Weeks, Jr.


Ponca City, OK


Norman, Oklahoma