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4 Goldie Lucille Porter

Goldie Lucille Porter was born April 14, 1907, in Orlando, Oklahoma Territory, daughter of John Frank Porter and Lillie Mae Clark.  She was the ninth of 12 children, and was named after Lucille Mulhall, a famous Oklahoma trick rider and rodeo star.

Goldie Lucille Porter married twice:  her first husband was Dennis M. Lopez, married about 1925.

The children of Goldie Lucille Porter and Dennis M. Lopez are:

Goldie Lucille Porter died August 24, 2000, in Norman, Oklahoma.

George Grinter informally adopted Wanda June Hodge when her parents died within a month of each other.  Later in life, Wanda June Hodge married Clarence Adelbert Weeks, Jr.

Welcome to the FAMILY porter history web site

Goldie Lucille Porter’s second husband was George Warren Grinter on November 01, 1937, when “Babe” was 10, in Gainesville, Texas.  He was son of Cunningham Grinter and Elisabeth Shirley.  He was born April 21, 1895 in Newton, Kansas, and died June 12, 1965 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

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Children of Goldie Lucille Porter and George Warren Grinter are:

Photo at left: Goldie Lucille Porter and George Warren Grinter, Sr.
Taken about 1938

Porter Family Portrait—March 1918

1. Charlie        2. Minnie         3. Lillie Mae

4. Mary            5. Grace           6. Franklin

7. Pauline        8. Lucille          9. Clark

10. John Frank           11. Roy

Aunt Lucille’s Letter 

Original sent to Norma Jean Havener Porter

(Transcribed by Odis LeRoy Porter)
Date of letter is estimated between Late 1987-early 1988


List of addresses and comments about Great Grandfather’s family.


127 SE 22nd moved from the farm in 1919 lived here about a year. Dad worked at the old Katy Freight Depot on East Reno, still on location but not a depot.


Uncle Charley helped dad get the grocery on So Robinson 1005 with living quarters above Tony’s Coal Co. in the back yard; he was our landlord.


We moved to 1001 So. Robinson with the grocery – a former Rooming house.  Babe was born here in 1927. Then we moved to 230 W. Pine.


About 1930 we moved to 608 S Will – no grocery.  About 1935 we moved back to 127 S.E. 22nd.


I married George in 1937 – Babe was 10 years old.


The folks lived there until they moved to 2524 S.W. 23rd – until their deaths.  Dad – August 12, 1951;  Mom – September 26th,1954.


Mary and I bought the house and remodeled it and rented it for $35. a month. Sold it in 1982.


Mom and Dad sold the farm in about 1946 for $5000.00 - 240 acres.  They sold the house on 22nd about 1949.


But first after we left the farm.  In Jan. 1919 we moved to Yale, OK where Anna Maude was born.


Grace and Elmer lived here in the city and Clark was with them and attended Central High School.  We moved here in September in time for school.  Clark graduated from Central  High about 1920-21 and I graduated from Riverside 8th grade the same year.  I was 14 we had our picture taken together at 1001 S Robinson.


Mom and Dad bought a house from Bonnie’s Grandparents ; the Jennings at 410 and 412 W. Pine.  Anna Maude and Willard lived at 410 Pine and mom and Dad lived at 412 W. Pine.  Dad and Elmer Ventris built a two room house on the alley behind the other two houses.  Pauline and Cecil lived there and all but Delores were born there.  There was no work so mom furnished them places to live.


Wanda  was their last baby and Wilson Foods went on strike; and Cecil went to work there until he retired 35 0r 40 years later.


Pauline’s moved back home in 1935.  When Wanda’s parents died they lived across the street from Pauline.  We moved back in 1939.  George and his sisters took the children and we took Wanda.  Mom bought their house in 1940 and Anna Maude and Willard moved out here.


I know you never asked for all this but good to know.


My parents and your grandparents are to be commended for their good things and good deeds for all their children – including me.  I lived with them until I was 30 and married George and Babe loved them like her own mom and dad.

They just done without and kept their property and sold it to live on – their income.  Not much help from their children; paid their own  hospital and Dr. bills and cemetery lot and stone and their own funerals.  Not many people can say that.  Seems we help our kids now a days.


 The folks never had SS or welfare like they do now.  Babe and Charles lived in their little house and paid rent up here on 23rd and Babe helped take care of dad.


Tony stopped in all the time to see if they wanted something. 


Tony sent Anna Maude and Willard airplane tickets and they flew out  for thanksgiving with them and spent one night with  Mary and Leora.  She doesn’t come down much.  So I have no body here, sure miss Pauline.


George III is working at Bone and Joint and knows your son.   I am glad we have a Dr. in our family and an attorney.


Thanks for the card.






Elizabeth Lucille Lopez  “Babe”


Oklahoma City, OK


Oklahoma City, OK






George Warren Grinter, Jr.


Oklahoma City, OK


Oklahoma City, OK